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Memorial created 05-5-2017 by
Barbara Klatt
William J Newill
June 20 1922 - May 1 2017

Welcome to this online memorial the Newill Family has created in loving memory of Dad...Bill...Daddy Bill.  Please sign Bill's guest book and let us know you came to visit.  Stop by often as the site will continue to grow with pictures and memories surrounding Bill's life.

Many have mentioned what a remarkable man Bill was based on what they read in his obituary.  That was just the tip of the iceberg of the diversity of Bill's accomplishments. 

Bill believed in the importance of 'family. ' And he instilled that in each of his children and on into the lives of his grandchildren.  He was a staunch supporter of all our endeavors - even when he might not of been sure we knew we were biting off a bit more than we could chew.   Knowing he believed in us often made the difference in how successful we ended up being in those endeavors.

He was a natural born teacher and we all benefited from the opportunity to 'help' him fix something.  Radios, lawn mowers, cars, sump pumps, washing machines, dishwashers, electrical fixtures, etc - there really wasn't anything he couldn't fix. All of us can say we are more adept at fixing things within our own households because of lessons learned from Dad.

He taught us to ride a bike and later to drive a car.  He taught us to shoot a 22 rifle, and an arrow into a target; to drive a golf ball and slam a tennis ball.  He advised us on our finances and saving plans as we became young adults.  He cheered us on as we graduated from various levels of degrees (always believing in the importance of education in our lives). 

And he, along with Mom, was always ready to learn something new...taking an EMT class in order to be a better Red Cross First Aid/CPR instructor...studying Robert's Rules of Order and becoming a registered Parliamentarian...sharing his administrative and leadership skills with various organizations both professional and hobby related.

He was an example to us all and we are proud when we hear, "you are just like your father."

Dad, we miss you - and will forever cherish our memories of you.


David, Ted & Barbara










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