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Memorial created 02-15-2017 by
Denise Joy Fisher
Bradford Dean Fisher
October 11 1949 - January 5 2017

Brad with the 3 Giants World Series Trophies 11-2014.

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Bradford Fisher, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Bradford's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Bradford forever.

At 9:07 A.M. on January 5, 2017  a precious heart stopped beating and  I lost the love of my life...my husband of almost 32 years, Brad.  Life literally changed in a minute.  One minute we were talking and watching TV and the next he had a chest pain then became unresponsive.  Being a nurse, I knew immediately that he was having a heart attack...I checked to see if he would respond to me, if he had a pulse and was breathing then called 911.  He died in my arms although the EMT's and staff at North Bay Medical Center ER tried their best to revive him.  I still am in shock and feel lost, he was my best friend and soul mate.  I miss you so much honey.......



Ventura July 2017, feeding sea gulls.

Brad and I met in June 1984 and got married on February 23, 1985.  At the time, Brad was a meat cutter and I was a Vocational Nurse.  Due to illness, I had to stop working but Brad was a meat cutter for 35+ years before retiring in 2004.  Brad loved talking on the telephone and kept in contact with many of his ex-coworkers who were shocked and saddened to hear of his passing.  Brad was a kind, giving, "people person"kind of guy.  He made friends wherever he went and loved to joke around.  He loved the ocean, we had plans to sell our home and move to the Ventura/Oxnard, CA, area this year.  We love the mild climate year-round and wanted to walk on the beach daily (the picture was taken the last time we were in Ventura, July 2016).  With my chronic illnesses, I cannot travel but we loved to take "day trips"  and there is much to see dowwn in that area....Santa Barbara, Solvang, Beverely Hills, Venice Beach and Pier, Santa Monica and more.  We  loved to attend concerts and there are many concert venues in that area.  Brad also loved animals, we had to put our last dog, Brandy (a red miniature dachshund) down on 6-27-2015 but we had taken in a stray cat, Snickers, that a neighbor left behind when they moved and he doted on her.  He  had a green thumb and loved to work in the yard.  He was most proud of his 30+ rose bushes and trees and his huge apricot tree.  After leaving the hospital when he passed, I came home and Snickers and I sat together looking at the backyard Brad so lovingly took care of.....




Snickers...Daddy's Girl

I don't know why Brad had to pass so young, only 67, but I do believe it was God's plan.  Only two weeks before he passed, we somehow got on the topic of death and dying.  He said he did not want to be in pain or suffer, I do believe God granted him his wish as he was a good, kind person who loved to help others.  My world is darker without him in it but I do believe the world is a better place for him having been in it, he helped so many others and that legacy continues on.  It is early in my grief, too early to think of moving, but one day I would love to end up in the Ventura/Oxnard area although it won't be the same without my honey with me.  My friends tell me not to rule that out and if I end up there that he will be with me in spirit, I pray that is true.  Brad was my soul mate, lover, friend...I was Blessed with that for 33 years.

Please feel free to stop by again, I will be adding more pages and would love for you to get to know my wonderful husband better.  Also feel free to leave a message in the Guestbook.  Blessings to you.....

"But there never seems to be enough time, To do the things you want to do once you find them, I've looked around to know, That you're the one I want to go through time with"..."Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce


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