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Memorial created 03-13-2013 by
Tiffany Ghiselin
Philip James Griesbaum
September 11 1936 - February 11 2013

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04-19-2016 9:58 PM -- By: Trisha,  From: New York  

Dear Tiffany, sorry for your loss. May the peace of God with you and family. Your Philip is in God's memory. Soon God will end all pain and suffering and bring forth beautiful conditions on earth. Job 14:14,15, Revelation 21:3,4. ~Sincerely 

07-30-2015 12:54 PM -- By: Tammy ,  From:  

Another beautiful memorial like Russ. May the two of you be together again and happy in paradise. God bless...

04-22-2013 7:28 PM -- By: Michael de Ruyter Schat,  From: UK  

 Having seen Swampy before i returned to the UK it was with great sadness that I heard of his death. 

It was an honour to have known him for the short time that I did and shall remember his kindness and hospitality.

For ever in my thoughts.


04-15-2013 5:44 PM -- By: Mary O'Donnell,  From: El Cerrito, CA  

04-15-2013 2:42 AM -- By: cliff Grantham,  From: palm srings  

04-07-2013 8:52 PM -- By: Carol Yenne,  From: San Francisco  

Working with Phil at Levi Strauss & Co in Women's wear in the 1970's and early 1980's was always a pleasure. He had an integrity and sense of humor that cut through the often difficult times we both experienced working within the culture at that.time.  After he and I left we would run into each other on the streets of Noe Valley and later discover our love mutual love of Europe and  England thanks to the Thorn flat.  I'm sure his friends and family, especially Russ will miss him greatly.  He was a very special guy.

04-07-2013 7:52 PM -- By: Adrienne Jonas,  From: San Francisco  

Phil, you were a great friend and co-worker, and you will be greatly missed.  I will miss our annual get togethers in London in September.  I still can't believe you are gone.


04-06-2013 1:49 AM -- By: Douglas Light,  From: San Francisco and Palm Springs  

Hello Swampy,

Sorry we didn't get that lunch together.

Palm Springs is not the same without you.

Much love, Douglas

04-04-2013 7:28 PM -- By: Mark Messenger,  From: Palm Springs  


04-04-2013 7:07 PM -- By: Doris Day,  From: Carmel Valley  

Dear Swampy,

Thank you so much over the years, always remembering  my birthday.

You were a very kind person.

Doris Day

04-04-2013 7:04 PM -- By: robert thorson,  From: palm springs  

you learned to not discuss some subjects with swamps. but he was a sweet man who was terribly loyal and proud  to a lifestyle that most folks today don't understand.

and you did not go to his house on tuesdays, he would have on his pink rubber gloves with a brush and pail of water cleaning. or as he said a good german housewife with a virgo birth sign.

and he was an amazing thrifty person.


04-03-2013 9:12 AM -- By: Zee,  From: Delaware  

Bye Swampy, you really looked good in my prom dress at YRRG.

04-02-2013 11:22 PM -- By: Michael Burns & Paul Beal,  From: Portland, Oregon  

We knew Swampy for about 30 years and enjoyed his friendship throughout those many years.  He was one of a kind, a unique and charming character.  Many fun times were had with he and Rusty and he will be remembered fondly.

04-02-2013 7:41 PM -- By: Barry Smith,  From: Palm Springs, Ca.  

04-02-2013 7:28 PM -- By: Glen Brooks and Ron McMaster,  From: Palm Springs/San Francisco  

We only got to know Swampy since 2008 but quickly realized what a wonderful man he was.  While we count ourselves fortunate to still have Rusty as a friend, we do miss Swampy.

04-02-2013 6:07 PM -- By: Leroy M. Potts,  From: Palm Springs, Ca.  

04-02-2013 6:01 PM -- By: Lewis Kerman and the Rev. Dr.Clark Trafton,  From: Palm Springs, CA  

We remember Swampy with great fondness.  We loved his hats and his sensibility.  It was always a fun lunch or dinner when we were seated together -- he was funny, pithy, witty, amusing and filled with invaluable tidbits of information that made him just so interesting to be with.  We had hoped that his recent treatments for cancer were something he would come through -- he had such an upbeat air about him and seemed determined to beat it.  His death was a shock to most of his friends; but it was dramatic.  And that was Swampy.  Fade to darkness.

04-02-2013 5:46 PM -- By: Michael McKenzie,  From: Palm Springs  

 There WERE movies made after 1939!  Sorry you missed them. You and your movie history lessons will always be missed.

04-02-2013 5:37 PM -- By: Denis Wade,  From:  

Hey Tiffany,

Thanks for Swampy's memorial page, but please correct the text: . Indianapolis is in Indiana, not Ohio!  (You know how he was about getting things right!)


04-02-2013 4:50 PM -- By: Ken Nelson,  From: Palm Springs  

 I'll miss my farmer's market trips at 8:15 Saturday with Swampy, and the stories we shared.  A great gentleman, who will be greatly missed.  Rest in peace dear friend.  

04-02-2013 4:14 PM -- By: Cliff Grantham,  From: Palm Springs  

 A friend of 40+ years he will be missed also by Ms Hot Dot and Harry with the Pink Spot - Rest in Peace Old Friend - Love Cliff

04-02-2013 4:02 PM -- By: Michael Howe,  From: Hamlet, NC  

A great and interesting guy.  He will be missed.

04-02-2013 12:34 PM -- By: Tiffany,  From: Los Angeles, CA  

 Uncle Phil was such a character. He could always make me smile and always knew the right thing to say. He offered the best advice and was the best champion, 

Many years ago, when I started in the business world, Uncle Phil gave me a little plastic Buddha holding a coffee mug and and a cell phone. I have, and will continue to have, that little guy on my desk. 

When my brother, Todd, and I were little. Uncle Phil use to send us Christmas gifts, but in no ordinary fashion. They always came with a clue as to what was inside. I loved figuring out the clues, but wasn't usually successful as Uncle Phil was wildly creative.

I have memories with Uncle Phil back to being a toddler and sitting on the floor at the San Francisco house playing with the alphabet refrigerator magnets on Uncle Phil's fridge. It says a lot that a grown man even had alphabet fridge magnets!

I remember meeting Uncle Phil in London for the Queen Mum's 100th birthday, having him at my wedding and so many more wonderful visits. I will miss you Uncle Phil!!!




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